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 What do you like on your hotdog?

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PostSubject: What do you like on your hotdog?   Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:38 am

Hotdogs are one of the most popular foods cooked at the campground. Who hasn't sat around a campfire at night roasting a hotdog on a stick. There isn't any right or wrong way to eat, prepare or top a hotdog. If you had a table full of condiments and you had just plopped a juicy hotdog in a bun, what toppings would you most likely choose to complete your dog?
My favorite combo is mustard, chili, shredded cheddar and chopped sweet onion. They call this a coney where I come from. What's your favorite? Take the poll. Multiple selections are allowed, so you may choose any combination of toppings for your hotdog.
If you have another way to garnish a hotdog, please click on the comments and tell me about it.
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Tiger Lily

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PostSubject: Re: What do you like on your hotdog?   Thu Oct 30, 2008 9:04 pm

Nobody won't be answering this question because this place is dead we've all moved to Hero Universe it can be found in the Board Announcements you'll find a Urgent Announcement and Hero Universe is posted in yellow. So please come on over their. Thank you.
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What do you like on your hotdog?
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